New Arrivals: Hibiscus Dream

Hibiscus Dream tells the story of two best friends, Demi and Maddy, who have just been reunited after some time apart. It’s about, love, happiness and gratitude. The kaleidoscopic Wild Hibiscus print combines pastels and tropical patterns with stone washed denim, and black and white spots. Big love, big life.


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Boom Shankar’s Island Life Collection

Anchored in our largest ocean thrives a culturally rich island existence, survived by traditional values and communal love. Shells, coconuts, Pandanus leaves, wood and bark cloth are the basis for an array of skilled artisanal crafts, while music and dance are used to tell stories of the past. Polynesian culture has been preserved in the Pacific Ocean over centuries. Far from most, yet close to our core, islander life circles around connections to family, art, the environment and looking out for one another. Our summer inspiration is attributed to these beautiful island vibes. Big love. Island life.

Forget Me Not

Boom Shankar is a passionate supporter of Australian charity Forget Me Not which works to reunite trafficked children with their families and provides support to help families become self-reliant as a means to keep families together.

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