Our Fabrics


Boom Shankar is committed to the ethical production of our garments, minimising environmental waste and ensuring fair labour conditions for all our workers in Australia and in India.

We believe in fair wages, safe working conditions, reasonable working hours and a discrimination-free workplace. We have strong relationships with our Indian factories and it is extremely important to Dui that all her staff are well looked after. 

Our partners are 100% compliant with all health and safety requirements and receive fair work opportunities. Our factories have received a platinum certificate of compliance and have also received outstanding results from the Sedex members of Ethical Trade. The factories maintain all legally required environmental documents of compliance with related environmental regulation, and have conducted necessary air emission testing as required by law.


Wooden Block Printing is a traditional form of fabric design used in countries like India. It is known to be one of the earliest methods used to transfer prints onto fabrics.

It is a slow method due to the ‘by hand’ process. The unique process is a simple yet effective method which is capable of achieving a beautiful, artistic effect. These results are unobtainable by any other modern method. The printing blocks are all hand carved by a skilled craftsman from a piece of wood, between 2-3 inches thick. The fabric is then marked out using chalk as a starting guide then the blocks are hand stamped onto the fabric. This stamping process is continued until the length of the fabric is covered. If the pattern contains more than one colour, the cloth is first printed with just the one colour, then dried and finally printed with the second; this same process is repeated for each additional colour.

The end result is a unique piece of fabric which can then be made into a beautiful garment. Due to the hand done nature of this process, each piece of fabric will have variations in colour and finish meaning each finished garment will be totally unique!