Community Projects


Boom Shankar operates with a strong social conscience having supported many Australian charities and schools as well as projects in India.

We’re commited to the ethical production of our garments, minimising environmental waste and ensuring fair labour conditions for all our workers in Australia and India. We believe in fair wages, safe working conditions, reasonable working hours and a discrimination-free workplace.

It is extremely important to Dui that all her staff are well looked after, their satisfaction in their workplace is an essential ingredient to her success and happiness.

“It’s all about being able to help people. In all senses - the charity work, the schools, the sinking boars, the orphanages but also personally too. Being able to help employees and people who work in the factories brings me great joy, its just so important to me and my business. It’s amazing the things you can do, it doesn’t take a lot to be able to help somebody.

Together we can change the world and in business its incredible what we’ve been able to achieve with all that love. I don’t need to be a millionaire - although if I was one I would find no more joy than in giving a lot of it away - that would be a great thing!” - Dui.


Boom Shankar is a passionate supporter of Australian charity Forget Me Not which works through local organisations in India, Nepal and Uganda. Forget Me Not works to reunite trafficked children with their families and provides support to help families become self-reliant as a means to keep families together.

Boom Shankar donates all proceeds of our re-usable Patchwork Bags to this amazing charity, and you can too!

You can find out more about the amazing work of Forget Me Not at Consider adding your support!

Buy a patchwork Charity Bag NOW and support forget me not!