About Us

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Boom Shankar is all about spreading positive messages, helping people to love who they are and the life they live, while feeling as bright and beautiful as possible. This brand is all about colour, fun, and living by the mantra, “Big Love. Big Life.”



Queen of colour and all things fabulous, Dui Cameron, is the designer and driving force behind Boom Shankar. From a childhood obsession with drawing and dress-ups, her love of colour and design has morphed into the creative talent that produces Boom Shankar’s fabulous creations.

Nestled between two worlds of beautiful picturesque beaches of the Sunshine Coast, Australia, and the enchantingly mystic desert of Rajasthan, India, her creative and artistic mind can be inspired and bursts with colours, patterns and fashion that’s all about fun, whilst incorporating the nature around.



In 1996, after more than two years traveling through Asia, Dui settled in India where she marvelled at her Indian friends love of family and community and the joy they found in the everyday. Then, one day while enjoying a chat with a group of girlfriends, she had a thought - that joyful and loving spirit she so admired seemed to be embodied in the colour and movement of her friends’ beautiful saris. An idea was born.

Dui began sourcing secondhand wedding saris, transforming them into one-off pieces she sold at Anjuna flea markets in Goa. They were a hit! Inspired by her success (and homesickness after 5 years on the road) Dui returned to Australia. Using Indian fabrics, reimagined and sewn on the Sunshine Coast, she set up a stall at the famous Eumundi Markets.

Boom Shankar was off and running.

Over the last two decades, Boom Shankar has evolved into a prominent Australian fashion label, with a flagship boutique on the famous Hastings Street in Noosa Heads, a showroom at Noosaville, and distribution to more than 300 stockists throughout Australia. Dui designs each piece in Australia (including the fabrics), and spends two to three months at a time in India working with fabric printers, pattern makers and craftsman assembling each season’s range. Despite Boom Shankar’s growth, Dui’s approach remains anchored in the same principles that motivated her early success: a sense of fun and adventure, a love of colour and design, a great respect for Indian culture and people, and a commitment to community.

“It really is amazing that of all the names I could possibly have chosen, ‘Boom Shankar’ was it, which means “to bless”. When I picked Boom Shankar over 20 years ago, I could never have known just how much joy this work would bring and just how blessed I would be!”

Big Love. Big Life.