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Local Sunshine Coast Artist, Pete Goodlet

If you're a local to the Sunshine Coast, then there's no doubt you've heard of the amazingly fantastic artist, Pete Goodlet. If you're not familiar with Pete or his art, then settle in because there's no doubt you'll be a huge fan after you read our QnA. 

A big thanks to Pete and Oscar Wilde (Pete's fur baby) for taking the time out of his schedule to meet with the Boom crew at our new Hastings St store to answer some questions and model our newest collection, Somewhere Over The Rainbow. 

Please introduce yourself briefly and let our followers know about yourself and your wonderful art!

I’m Pete Goodlet artist, landscape designer and owner of Boheme a  boho style BnB in Peregian Beach. I live on a big block in Peregian Beach with my partner David and our dog Oscar Wilde. My artwork is colourful, whimsical and perfect for boho and coastal interiors. As well as the BnB we have a fabulous studio gallery in our backyard and I’d love to show you around.

Talk us through the journey that has led you to become an artist? In particular, how did Frida come to be a key muse?

I’ve always had an artistic bent, I still do all my landscape design drawings by hand. They are works of art in themselves. I also work in wire and glass to create whimsical pieces. Painting is my true expression of freedom and creativity and I’ve been creating pieces for the last twenty years. I totally love Frida Kahlo. Such a strong, powerful woman who filled her world with colour. I think Frida would have totally loved Noosa. The vibrancy, the colour in all the plants, the sea and our blue blue skies! I also think Frida would totally rock in a few Boom Shankar outfits.

What inspires your approach to painting? 

I am inspired by colour and the beauty of where we live. I love the beach. Most of my commission pieces are of people on the beach with their dogs. Pets are a huge inspiration to me and I love chooks too. My biggest aim when painting is to make people smile and for my artwork to add beauty and happiness to every day. My art and art cards have been shared all over the world and that makes me happy.

We have seen some musical talents popping up on your social media! How have you and your partner been finding joy while staying at home?

David and I arrived home from a trip to New Zealand to 14 days of home isolation. It was such a bonus for us because David was forced to take an extra two weeks off work. We got lots of jobs done around the house.  I painted heaps and wrote poems to go with some of the pieces. Of an evening we made cocktails from our ample duty free supplies and adapted and performed songs on our pianola. Mind Bender was quite a hit. We loved sharing this on my Instagram and Facebook page. A little humour, good outfits and some atrocious singing all to bring some joy in strange times. The cocktails helped a lot!

We have met your gorgeous dog Oscar Wilde. Does he live up to his name?

Oscar Wilde so lived up to his name as a puppy. We got him after we lost our dear old girl Thelma Louise who at 15 was very used to us and us to her. Oscar was a fluffy Wilde boy who reeked havoc. He ate my glasses, chewed my ink pen all over our lounge room carpet and then trod black paw prints through the rest of the house. But we do love him and as he’s just about to have his second birthday he’s settled a lot and just loves a cuddle. He loves everybody and makes a great friend to take out to coffee or visit Annie’s Books our favourite shop.

What do you love most about your job?

Our love that every day is different and that I get to bring colour, joy and love into people’s lives. Another bonus is a get to meet lovely people like the Boom Shankar crew and dance around in fabulous clothes that make me feel great.

You can find all of Pete's paintings as well as wire and glass work on his website here. Pete is also available for commissions and can contacted through his website.

You can find information about Pete's BnB here. 

You can follow Pete on Instagram here. 

In this series, Pete is wearing our Sky Shirt, Sky Jumper and Charlie LS Shirt.

We hope you loved our collaborating with Pete as much as we did.

Big love, Boom xx

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