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Indian Flower - The Campaign

Tamed by nostalgic reflection, you will also find the best vintage styles, colours and textures replayed back into the INDIAN FLOWER ‘70s-inspired collection. A jumpsuit, skivvy, cardi, coatigan, vest, maxi-skirt – they are all here in spicy block colours and floral block prints.

It’s a story that takes us back to a more relaxed dreamier time. That time when the revolution of oppression awakened free-spirits, rustic colours tamed the ‘60s psychedelic craze and when traditional Indian woodblock fabrics flowed freely in boho-chic styles.

INDIAN FLOWER brings back a shelf of self-expression in rustic tones, all spiced-up in a seasoned mix of Cinnabar, Moss, Russet, Pepper and Black Spot. The rare (for Boom Shankar) but sophisticated, no colour but all class Black is back in the mix too. Boom!

In true Boom style and authentic to ‘70s boho fashion, Dui has introduced two new woodblock prints ‘Vintage Flower’ and ‘Sage Flower’ to the INDIAN FLOWER story – in addition to her extensive textile design portfolio. The ‘Vintage Flower’ print is the older soul flower inspired by traditional Indian woodblock with border prints, while ‘Sage Flower’ bursts in modern repetition with pops of cinnabar bloom against a lush wash of moss green.

Both fabrics have been hand-printed by Boom Shankar’s artisan family in Rajasthan using the finest of cotton from the same region. Malmal Cotton was once exclusive to Indian royalty - not only for its durability and superior quality, but also because it is a natural, soft and lightweight fabric to wear all year around.

Each flower has been hand-stamped one woodblock colour print at a time. There is a raw beauty that comes with this manual technique that creates slight variations making Boom Shankar fabrics and garments totally unique.

A ‘70s-inspired stunner in the INDIAN FLOWER collection is the Grevillea Jacket. It’s a perfect example of smart and slow made fashion. This reversible beauty can flip between ‘Vintage Flower’ and ‘Vintage Spot’ depending on your mood. Each piece has been masterfully hand-stitched using an embroidery and quilting technique called Gudri, traditional to Rajasthan. Every single stitch has been threaded by Boom Shankar’s beautiful female artisan family. That’s a lot of love and double the fun in one piece.

The soundtrack: This collection invites you to reflect on some of the best times from the 70’s … Led Zeppelin, Barbara Streisand and the Mamas and the Papas. Put on your favourite vintage style, sit your parents or your friends down to reflect on this dreamy time, and take a walk down memory lane.

You can listen here, you won’t regret it.

Muse Roberta Pecoraro
Photographer Amelia Shaw of Ebb & Flow Studio
Creative and Styling Dui Cameron and Robyn Deas of Boom Shankar
Location Pendragon Shoes
Videographer Jake Donlen of Runamuk Visuals

A special thank you to Adrien and Jackie from Pendragon Shoes for hosting us.

Next styles launching:

Puzzle - Thursday 23rd April

Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Thursday 7th May

Moonlight - Thursday 28th May



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